Change Makers Summer Festival

Change Makers Festival

The social change took a lot of effort. Let us pause for a moment and celebrate together our strength in diversity.

In this world, you can not deny that there’s a lot of problems we are facing right now – from politics to cyberbullying, to murders, to climate change, and so much more — what’s happening!? Who are we now? What do we do? Are there any changes? As people of Texas who are concerned for ourselves, our neighbors and the future generations, we must reflect on this and think about so many things, including truth and reconciliation, and how do we want to honor and support one another. Change Makers know that strength comes from our differences and in learning our stories. We are hoping that our love and unity can be brought back to heal these problems. As the next step on this journey, why not come out on your garage doors in Houston and join us to celebrate this festival with us as we tackle our stories, countries, and world problems that we are facing today and give solutions to them.

ChangeMakers Organization is working on creating a progressive movement to help us in dealing daily with some of our country’s most glaring and heart-wrenching issues. From so many issues like separation of families, to sustained community disinvestment, and poverty, we have chosen to dedicate our minds and energies during weekends and work free and often on nights as well, to organize and solve problems related to these issues.

Life in the progressive movement can be burdensome and hard, which is why the Change Makers Organization took two weeks in one year to lift up and celebrate some of the people and organizations who are leading the struggle for justice in this country.

An event like this is the perfect way to get stronger exposure, grow the community and take insights beyond the walls of the event location. After all, knowledge and education are the keys to healthier communities and a better world, so why not share it? This is why we invite you to come and join us on the first week of June as we hit this Summer season for our Changemakers Summer Festival at McGovern Centennial Gardens. We can eat, learn and play together, of course, we can tackling issues and solve it in all our might. We are pleased to welcome you all — volunteers, investors, organizations, and members — join us and find solidarity and strength in our numbers and diversity. At our 17th annual festival, we had over 20 partners already. We wonder who will join us this year to be a changemaker? Are you the one?

Reserve a spot. Get the word out about your stories, community, and brand before and after the event. Our professional facilitation and panel moderation is done by experienced change-makers.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, apply or register in numerous ways by reaching us through email, or simply visit our office at Houston, or you can register right at the event venue. If you have any questions, ask us via email.