About Us


The Change Makers enables network building to create positive social change in Texas. We are doing all our might connect supporters such as funders, investors, and volunteers and practitioners to build productive relationships focused on growing social impact. Founded in 2000 by Anne Wright, a lawyer, and Social Youth Organization, incorporated as an independent nonprofit organization.

Change Makers Houston is a nonprofit organization which has a mission that works to create synergy and community between our city’s changemakers, people who are passionate about creating positive and constructive social change in Houston by engaging leaders, strengthening organizations, and mobilizing the great capacity of networks and the spirit of collaboration. We facilitate informal, organic dialogues in hopes of supporting existing ideas and fostering new ones. Change Makers are invited to share challenges, bounce ideas, and exchange resources both online and at in-person events in order to develop and inspire project ideas in our supportive and nurturing community.

Change Makers Houston hopes to be a center of social change and innovation founded upon the power of networks and energy. We are doing our best to have a strong community where people are actively and vibrantly engaging with one another, linked by the desire to make a sustainable and meaningful transformation in our beloved city.

Change Makers’ goal is to bring together all the sectors of profits and non-profits, and governments where change or innovation can happen. We also bring the values of being transparent, open, listening with compassion, and respecting the environment.

We hope that our mission and vision will lighten your mind and spirits to help each other for the social change in our country. If you are willing to volunteer, you are very much welcome in the Change Makers Organization. For financial support, kindly email us or visit us in our office in Houston, Texas.