We have a lot of questions that continuously come in our inboxes, so we compiled the most asked questions and put it on our FAQs page. We’ve hope you’ll find this section useful as you browse through our website. Kindly read it first before sending us a question in order to save your effort and time. If you’re still stumped, you can reach out to us through email.

Q: What is the Change Makers Festival?
A: The Change Makers Festival is a two-week event that will be held in Houston to celebrate social innovation in Texas. It is organized by Change Makers organization and will be supported by a number of partner organizations working from the nonprofit, government and business sectors in Texas.

Q: When was Change Makers founded?
A: Change Makers was founded in 2000 by Anne Wright of Houston, Texas. ChangeMakers elected its first fellows in 2012. Read more information about Change Makers history in the About Us page of this site.

Q: Where is Change Makers’ office located?
A: Change Makers has an office in Houston, Texas.

Q: Who is a Change Maker?
A: A change maker is the one who is taking creative action to solve a social problem. People who seek to create the kind of change that really matters, like social change or any other kind of change, that can help people. A change maker has an empathy for other people, knows specific problems and the opportunity to do something about it, and then use all of their knowledge, resources, and determination to tackle it.

Q: How can I work or volunteer with Change Makers?
A: Thank you for considering to volunteer in our organization. Change Maker is looking for a creative and effective leader who can make powerful ideas real. If this is you, please email us and know what our hiring criteria is and apply to join our team or volunteer.

Q: How can I help support Change Makers financially?
A: In most cities in Texas, you can donate online. You can also partner with Change Makers Houston.