The Change Makers Festival Conference of Social Change is one of many colorful events that occur throughout the year. It focuses on bringing positive change by working with change makers in communities around the world.

Here’s the deal:

Festivals of Social Change brings many people together to celebrate change. The concept is nothing new. It has actually been around since 1960. Since then it has become an important annual event. However, as the name suggests, it is now taking on a global scale to bring people together to make positive changes to the society and environment.

You should know:

The main feature of the event is the participation of citizens from every community. This means that every gender, age, color, ethnicity, and culture are welcome to take part. The objective is to create a platform where people can come together and express their views on a number of different issues. Some people decide to protest against some laws while others opt for a peaceful demonstration. In either case, their goal is to bring about change in their community and the society as a whole.

What Type of People Go to Change Makers Festival?

The festival also involves the involvement of people from all walks of life, including students, professionals, and the elite. A single theme is followed throughout the entire event, which is inclusive of different types of movements, struggles, issues, and movements. A number of activities take place at the festival to bring this theme to life. People can attend performances by local artists or bands, take part in debates and discussions, or engage in various art and craft exhibitions. They can also visit the booths of different companies and manufacturers, shop for unique products, or sit in front of TV screens and watch the results of the upcoming elections.

There are a number of other events which take place in the month leading up to the festival. People are also invited to attend village fairs, cultural events, and celebrations. Farmers markets are also organized at some places. All of these activities bring people together to enjoy and have fun, while making constructive efforts to improve their conditions.

Don’t Miss the Spring and Summer Festivals

During the month of April, there is the Fesco Parade. This is a colorful event that includes floats, marching bands, horse-riding competitions, street entertainers, and numerous cultural displays. People dress in colorful costumes and participate in sporting events, folk dancing, and food and drink celebrations. It is also the time when organizations and trade unions hold a series of seminars and conferences to celebrate the change that has occurred throughout the world.

May is considered the month of color when a variety of events take place. At this time, people are invited to wear vibrant clothes, and celebrate with colors. Farmers markets are also held, where people can buy fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also important to note that May is a month of national parks, national museums and galleries. People are encouraged to explore their creative sides and take up a variety of artistic hobbies. In short, the National Festival for Social Change is an ideal platform for people to come together to celebrate life and make positive changes to their lives.