Change Makers Houston is a workshop that helps small business owners in the Houston area to develop strategies to improve their operations. The main goal of this program is for participants to discover and master the skills they need to be at the helm of their own businesses in as short a time as possible. Participants will learn new skills like managing marketing and sales, building effective relationships with customers and team members, and growing their business by identifying their customer’s wants and needs. This program is led by Houston entrepreneur, Jay Taylor. Taylor is a former franchisor founder, and is now a corporate consultant and business coach.

Change Makers Houston

Taylor’s expertise as a motivator, trainer and motivator gives him the ability to ensure that each leader has the ability to effectively lead his or her own crew. Change Makers is a hands-on, accelerated training program that covers key concepts in leadership development. Taylor knows that traditional training can be very slow and one must be patient for long periods of time before learning much. He hopes that his program will cut to the chase and speed up the learning curve, allowing participants to begin realizing their goals sooner.

Taylor’s training program comes complete with DVDs, study guides, and online support. He believes that his system is the best in the industry, and that his methods are the only ones that work. The materials are designed to provide the employees with cutting edge training techniques, resources for goal setting, and support throughout the process.

Taylor has proven that by using simple yet powerful strategies, he and his employees have the capability of developing great leaders. He believes that leaders should “speak to the heart of the people”. This principle is what drives Taylor’s motivational approach. Taylor says that leaders should not just tell the truth, but rather offer a solution and let the people decide whether or not they want it. Taylor believes that leaders are born leaders, and that it takes an individual to be a good leader.

Some of the strategies included in the Change Makers Houston program include: team games, leadership challenges, performance contests, and workshops. The game titles are based on real life activities that are conducted by many of the country’s most successful leaders. These games require critical thinking and problem solving skills. They help employees learn to think for themselves, as well as compete against those who have been professionally trained to be effective leaders. Team games give employees a chance to work together to solve problems and achieve goals.

Taylor also recommends that his employees develop a powerful plan, and that they be open and honest with each other. The idea is for everyone in the team to be completely honest about what is going on and why things are not going as planned. This will also help keep morale high throughout the program. It is recommended that all members be prepared to communicate their ideas and concerns to management during breaks.

This program is a great resource for any business. It is a well-designed package that provides an easy-to-use curriculum and activities. The curriculum is designed so that it can be easily customized to the needs of your business.

Taylor’s program is a valuable asset for anyone who wants to change the culture of their business. It does not matter what kind of industry you are in. It is also not important if you are a manager or a leader. The techniques and strategies that are covered in this program are applicable to all kinds of managers and leaders. It is also highly motivating for those who want to make a positive impact on their company while enhancing productivity.

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