The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the term “What is the Change?” is probably music. Music has always been a powerful force in human civilizations and indeed in the wider world. And while the term “What is the Change?” may invoke music more than anything else, the underlying theme of the festival is much the same – to focus on the power of change in human societies and in our own world.

It is important to remember that the phrase “What is the Change?” is nothing more than a question. It asks us to step back and consider the ways in which we see change working in our lives; and in our global community. It does not require that we re-invent the wheel, or invent a new machine to do it; indeed the very nature of this question is a challenge. How can we best understand and document this ongoing shift? How can we use this occasion to engage with this changing world and harness its power for greater good?

Change Makers is a series of conferences and events that seek to foster dialogue on the ways in which change can be most efficiently brought about. These events are diverse; they include everything from peace and social issues to the impact of technology on our environment. No matter what specific area of change you wish to focus on, you will most likely find an opportunity there.

The social welfare focused event is a joint project of two international non-profit organizations, Living Green and Cote d’Eclipta; and the University of Kent’s Think Tank. The goal of this international effort is to use the Internet and its social media tools as a means of creating change that is systemic, sustainable and cooperative. This effort was born out of the need for a more just and equitable global governance. Our current systems of distribution are not inherently stable and are inherently unfair. Through this program, we hope to promote and extend the notion of “fairness,” as well as provide an avenue for developing alternative methods of distribution that are just as equitable and just as effective.

What Happens at the Change Makers Festival?

The festival will allow participants the opportunity to engage one another in conversations on various ways that people can make positive and constructive change to their own and the world at large. In addition to the actual festival, there will also be a day of reflection and action that allows participants to explore the various issues that impact their lives and the lives of others. During this day of reflection, it is hoped that people can develop new visions for themselves and for the world.

The festival seeks to ignite conversation, promote solidarity, increase awareness, and build capacity amongst those who are committed to making change happen. It is a unique opportunity to engage with like-minded people who have similar ideas, visions, and concerns about pressing and systemic problems within the U.S., world and local communities. These organizers seek to provide a venue for people to come together to discuss these issues in an open, non-threatening way.

The festival was created to bring diverse people and organizations together in a platform to address pressing issues concerning today’s world. Participating in the events is simple; all that is required is that individuals or groups contact us via email or phone to inform us of their interest in attending an event. We then verify that they have at least one event scheduled within the next twelve months where they can make positive changes to their world.

 It is a collaborative project between individuals and community-based groups in the United States and throughout the world. It is a unique opportunity to engage in dialogue with those who are committed to making positive change happen. Our events are designed to empower individuals and groups by facilitating dialogue on pressing issues, sharing information, presenting art and expanding individual and group awareness. Through participating in our events you will be able to participate in creating a better world for yourself and your family today!